Frequently Asked Questions

Q: You guys only seem to do projects in Chicago. What’s up with that?
A: Our production crew is based here in the Midwest, but we’re working out the logistics to take Garage Squad from coast-to-coast. So please submit your project!

Q: You guys spend a ton on parts, paint, etc. Who foots that bill?
A: We do, with the help of great sponsors like Cooper Tires and

Q: Was Joe Z. born with oil is his veins?
A: 30 weight.

Q: Is the Squad really this friendly in real life?
A: Yep. You couldn’t ask for a better crew to tackle a project, or to belly up to the bar with.

Q: I submitted a car last season, but never heard back. Did you even read it?
A: Yes! We read EVERY submission that comes in, and while we may not be able to help out right now, we save all submissions for future shows.

Q: How much can Bruno bench press?
A: We once saw him lift an Oldsmobile – with the rest of the squad inside.

Q: I just started watching the show. How long have you been on Velocity?
A: We kicked off our fourth season in August 2017

Q: Does Heather really know her way around under the hood?
A: You’re darn right she does.