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1967 Chevy K20 4X4 Wrap-Up

After a terrible family tragedy, getting this 1967 4×4 outside and into the mud means a lot for this family.

Muddy Buddies

Because we’re putting in work on a classic Chevy 4×4 this week and this bad-ass beast is going to get a chance to tear up some turf.

1966 Ford Fairlane Wrap-Up

After a devastating engine fire and the onset of some serious health issues, the owner of this 1966 Fairlane dreams of having this beauty rumble back to life.

1950 Ford F3 Wrap-Up

After sitting in a barn for 47 years, a farm family tries to save their grandfather’s cherished 1950 Ford F3.

Garage Squad Submissions

The Garage Squad is on a mission – to rescue killer cars and trucks and bring them back from the great beyond. But there’s more than meets the eye… Under the hood of every Garage Squad rescue, you’ll find a heartbeat.

The stories and struggles that have stopped the owners of these beautiful machines from getting them back on the road. Does that sound like you or someone you know? Submit a Vehicle Now!