How Garage Squad Rescued an Entire Genre of Television

There was a time when you could spot a motorhead by their grease-stained hands that no amount of pumice could ever scrub clean. These were doers who refused to cut corners and had little patience for nonsense. They were the best at what they did, and the reason we drove past so many other shops to get to theirs.

With the advent of automotive television fueling today’s car obsessed culture, there’s no shortage of daily programming to appeal to the masses. Not unlike those shops we drove past years ago though, not every program is worthy of your repeat business.

Gearing up for its sixth season on Velocity television, Garage Squad offers none of the foolish drama while providing perhaps the most important ingredient to viewership, the possibility of rescuing YOUR vehicle.

According to the show’s executive producer Matt Burnett, the idea behind the program was simple. “What inspired us to start the show is what inspires us now – the people we meet, the personal stories behind the vehicle and why they need our help to get these cars and trucks road ready.”

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